HI-LINK User Agreement

Before you use the services provided by HI-LINK, please read the entire content of this service agreement (especially the content marked in bold and/or underlined). If you have any questions about the terms of this agreement, please inquire through the contact information on the relevant HI-LINK webpage, and HI-LINK will explain the terms to you. If you do not agree to any content of this agreement, or cannot accurately understand HI-LINK's interpretation of the terms, please do not proceed.

1. The subject, effective and scope of the agreement

1.1 The subject of this agreement includes the operator of HI-LINK (hereinafter referred to as the "HI-LINK operator"), the platforms provided by HI-LINK (hereinafter referred to as HI-LINK Cloud), and the sale or provision of software through HI-LINK Cloud , Hardware or service providers (hereinafter referred to as "service providers"), and users who purchase software, hardware or services through HI-LINK Cloud (hereinafter referred to as "users"), this service agreement is reached between the above three parties The basic terms, conditions and rules are valid contracts.

1.2 When a service provider applies to enter HI-LINK Cloud, or when a user purchases goods or services through HI-LINK Cloud, or other links, the HI-LINK Cloud operator will prompt the service provider and/or user to sign a written agreement and check on the web page. Choose to confirm/or click to confirm, email confirmation or other methods approved by the HI-LINK Cloud operator to accept this agreement.

This agreement begins when the service provider and/or user confirms acceptance in any of the above-mentioned ways, or when the service provider and/or user actually begins to receive HI-LINK Cloud services (including the service provider’s listing and selling of goods; the user purchases goods and Service, etc.) (whichever comes first). Once the service provider and/or user accepts it, they agree to accept all the agreed content of this agreement.

1.3 The content of this agreement includes the main body of the agreement, attachments, and various business specifications, activity rules, notices, announcements, etc. of HI-LINK Cloud (hereinafter collectively referred to as "HI-LINK Rules"). All HI-LINK rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of this agreement.

If the service provider and/or user use specific services currently or in the future provided by HI-LINK Cloud, the service provider and/or user should also accept the terms, guidelines and conditions applicable to those specific services (hereinafter referred to as "special terms"), HI-LINK will express these special terms to service providers and/or users in the form of written agreements, web prompts, and website announcements. If this agreement is inconsistent with the stipulations of the special terms, the stipulations of the special terms shall prevail.

1.4 The HI-LINK operator has the right to formulate and modify this agreement and/or various HI-LINK rules as needed, and has the right to transfer the rights and obligations under this agreement to related third parties. If there is any change, the HI-LINK operator will make an announcement by way of webpage announcement. The changed agreement and HI-LINK rules, and/or the transfer of rights and obligations will automatically take effect upon publication and become part of this agreement. If the service provider and/or user do not agree to the relevant changes, they can immediately stop using the HI-LINK Cloud services; if they continue to use the HI-LINK Cloud related services, they will be deemed to agree to accept the revised agreement and rules, and/or Transfer of rights and obligations.

1.5 The scope of exclusion of agreement validity:

1.5.1 The legal relationship and legal dispute between the service provider and the user due to the user's purchase of the service provider's goods and services shall be governed by the terms of the agreement separately reached between the service provider and the user.

1.5.2 The rights and obligations arising from HI-LINK Cloud-related procurement, agency, and cooperation relationships between HI-LINK Cloud and the service provider shall be in accordance with the corresponding purchases separately agreed between HI-LINK Cloud and the service provider The agreement, agency agreement, and cooperation agreement are fulfilled.

2. Definition

Unless otherwise defined in this agreement, the following terms shall have the following specific meanings in this agreement:

2.1 HI-LINK website: refers to HI-LINK official website (domain name: http://www.hlktech.com/) and HI-LINK client (such as applet, official account).

2.2 HI-LINK Cloud: Wuhan Gicisky Technology Co., Ltd. provides technical services such as network services and website back-end support systems for all websites and platforms under Shenzhen HI-LINK Electronics Co., Ltd.

2.3 HI-LINK Cloud: HI-LINK's multi-platform, managed by the HI-LINK operator, between HI-LINK Cloud service providers and HI-LINK Cloud users, regarding the products, technologies and/or services provided by the service providers A network platform for services and transactions. HI-LINK Cloud has multiple platforms and multiple categories. HI-LINK operators may adjust the types and names of market categories, subject to the HI-LINK Cloud page display at that time.

HI-LINK operators may adjust the HI-LINK Cloud name, URL, and other display elements in a timely manner based on their own business development, and notify service providers and users through announcements, site letters, emails, and other effective methods. Such adjustments will not affect the rights and obligations of HI-LINK operators and service providers under this agreement.

2.4 HI-LINK Operator ("Operator"): This agreement refers to Wuhan Gicisky Technology Co., Ltd. and accepts HI-LINK Cloud's entrustment to provide HI-LINK Cloud self-operated product sales and daily operations and business activities And other related support.

2.5 HI-LINK Service Provider ("Service Provider"): HI-LINK that has the status of a HI-LINK Cloud partner and joins the HI-LINK service provider plan to provide users with products, technologies and/or services through HI-LINK Cloud member.

2.6 HI-LINK users ("end users", "users"): HI-LINK members who enter into transactions with service providers through HI-LINK Cloud to obtain products, technologies and/or services provided by the service providers.

2.7 HI-LINK products ("commodities"): refer to the collective name of all products, technologies and services released by service providers on HI-LINK Cloud.

HI-LINK products are divided into "HI-LINK Cloud self-operated / agency sales products" and "service provider self-sold products". HI-LINK Cloud self-operated/agent-sale products are HI-LINK operators as the sellers who sell the products of service providers to users. The self-sold goods of the service provider are the products that the service provider directly sells to users.

3. HI-LINK service and support

3.1 HI-LINK operators will carry out the following activities for service providers and/or users to provide technical platform support and services:

3.1.1 The service provider lists and releases products, and users browse the service provider’s products;

3.1.2 The service provider communicates with the user on related products and reaches a transaction intention;

3.1.3 The service provider conducts and completes the transaction with the user;

3.1.4 Complaints against trading partners, applies to HI-LINK Cloud for arbitration, and defends;

3.1.5 Participate in activities organized by HI-LINK Cloud;

3.1.6 Use other supporting services provided by HI-LINK Cloud, including information services and technical services.

3.2 HI-LINK operators will not provide the following support or services for service providers and/or users:

3.2.1 The service provider or user shall bear the taxable levies, as well as all hardware, software, service and other expenses incurred during the transaction through HI-LINK Cloud;

3.2.2 Unless expressly required by laws and regulations, HI-LINK Cloud will not review the product introductions and other information released by service providers in advance, and will not undertake any commitment or guarantee for this. Users should choose their counterparties and transactions by themselves. Content judgment and prudent trading;

3.2.3 Unless expressly stipulated by laws and regulations or expressly stated in advance, HI-LINK Cloud will not solely or jointly with the service provider assume after-sales, maintenance, and upgrade responsibilities for the goods sold or provided by the service provider, nor does HI-LINK Cloud Any guarantee or promise will be made. The corresponding responsibilities, guarantees or promises are all the responsibility of the service provider who sells or provides such goods.

3.3 In order to maintain transaction order and promote the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, HI-LINK Cloud has the right to carry out the following activities:

3.3.1 Inquire about service providers and/or users' registration information and sales behavior, service provision behavior, or purchase behavior, usage behavior, etc.;

3.3.2 Send order information, promotional activities, after-sales service, customer service, etc. to service providers and/or users through emails, text messages, phone calls, website notifications or statements;

3.3.3 When any problems are found in the service provider and/or user’s registration information or sales behavior, service provision behavior, or purchase behavior, usage behavior, etc. (including the service provider’s and/or user’s violation of the commitments in Article 4 of this Agreement and Obligations), including issuing notices and requesting corrections, deleting illegal information, banning, restricting orders, closing orders, freezing account balances, removing products, suspending, closing HI-LINK Cloud accounts, terminating services, etc. Restrictive measures

3.3.4 In accordance with laws and regulations, or at the request of government departments (including judicial and administrative departments), provide them with necessary information such as the identity information and transaction records of the service provider and/or user; if the service provider and/or user are suspected In case of infringement of the legal rights and interests of others such as intellectual property rights, in the case of preliminary judgment that the suspected infringement exists, provide the right holder with the necessary identity information of the service provider and/or user;

3.3.5 If there is a dispute between service providers, between service providers and users, when using the HI-LINK Cloud service with the other party, either or both parties can submit the dispute to HI-LINK Cloud for mediation , HI-LINK Cloud reserves the right to make mediation decisions based on prudent judgment. The service provider and/or user understand and agree that the mediation of disputes by the HI-LINK operator is entirely based on the authorization of the service provider and/or user. It cannot guarantee that the result of the dispute settlement meets its expectations, nor is it liable for this result unless the law is clear. Liability beyond the regulations.

3.4 The HI-LINK operator will maintain normal operation on the existing technology, and strive to improve and improve the technology, so that the service provider and user's transaction activities and other behaviors can proceed smoothly, but the service provider and/or user understand and agree.

3.4.1 In view of the particularity of network services, some or all of HI-LINK Cloud’s network services may be changed or interrupted. However, HI-LINK Cloud will use its best efforts within a reasonable range to notify the service provider and/or user to take necessary measures. Measures to reduce the resulting impact.

3.4.2 HI-LINK Cloud and/or related equipment need to be overhauled or maintained regularly and irregularly. If the service is interrupted within a reasonable time due to such circumstances, HI-LINK Cloud does not need to bear corresponding responsibility for this.

4. Obligations and commitments of service providers and/or users

4.1 Service providers and/or users shall comply with the following basic rules in the activities of HI-LINK Cloud:

4.1.1 Do not transmit or publish: speech that incites resistance or undermines the implementation of the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations, speech that incites to subvert state power, overthrow the socialist system, speech that incites splitting the country and undermines national unity, and incites ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination , Speech that undermines national unity;

4.1.2 Do not transmit or publish information or speech that harms the public interest of the country and involves national security;

4.1.3 Do not use HI-LINK Cloud to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering, theft of trade secrets, and theft of personal information;

4.1.4 Do not transmit or publish any illegal, criminal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, intimidating, hurtful, vulgar, obscene, uncivilized and other information materials;

4.1.5 Do not use any devices, software or routines to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of HI-LINK Cloud, and do not illegally invade HI-LINK Cloud and the country's Internet system;

4.1.6 Do not violate relevant Chinese laws and regulations by illegally transmitting data and information overseas;

4.1.7 No other conduct that affects or may affect national security, social public order, or the legitimate rights and interests of others is prohibited.

4.2 The service provider and/or user promises to abide by the following obligations during the transaction through HI-LINK Cloud:

4.2.1 Comply with national laws, regulations and other normative documents and the provisions and requirements of various HI-LINK rules, do not violate social public interests or public morals, must not harm the lawful rights and interests of others, do not evade tax due, do not violate This agreement and related HI-LINK rules;

4.2.2 In the process of dealing with other service providers and/or users, abide by the principle of good faith, do not take unfair competition behavior, do not disrupt the normal order of online transactions, and do not engage in behaviors unrelated to online transactions;

4.2.3 Do not publish those that the country prohibits or restricts sales (except for those that have been legally licensed), suspected of infringing on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of others, contrary to public interests or public morals, or that HI-LINK Cloud considers unsuitable for sales , Or other product or service information suspected of violating the law or violating this agreement and various HI-LINK rules.

4.2.4 Do not improperly evaluate other service providers and/or users by falsifying or distorting facts, and do not use improper methods to create or improve their own goodwill or image;

4.2.5 Do not resell or resell HI-LINK Cloud account in disguise and the vouchers, coupons, discounts or other HI-LINK Cloud preferential treatments in the account, and it is not allowed to register an account or place an order to obtain discounts, discounts or other benefits Or other abnormal consumption behavior;

4.2.6 Do not use any illegal means to obtain the personal information of other service providers and/or users, and shall not use other service providers and/or user information for any profit or non-profit purposes, and shall not disclose other service providers and/or users or other Personal privacy of the right holder;

4.2.7 Do not make commercial use of any data on HI-LINK Cloud, such as copying, disseminating, etc., using the data displayed by HI-LINK Cloud in any way without HI-LINK Cloud's prior written consent.

5. Intellectual Property and Privacy Policy

5.1 All content on HI-LINK Cloud such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, sound file fragments, digital downloads, data editing and software, trademarks are HI-LINK Cloud or its content providers (including service providers and / Or user) property is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. Without the legal authorization or permission of HI-LINK Cloud or its content providers, all pages of HI-LINK Cloud or any part of them may not be copied, copied, imitated, sold, resold, accessed, or otherwise used for any purpose. Ways to use them.

5.2 The service provider and/or user understand and agree that all types of information published by the service provider and/or user on the HI-LINK Cloud platform (including identity information, product and service information, comments, etc.), HI-LINK Cloud has free use And the right to use, copy, reprint and display in whole or in part for the purposes under this agreement worldwide. However, if the personal sensitive information of the service provider and/or user is involved, or the service provider and/or user declares all or part of the reservation while publishing the information, such use behavior shall not violate the provisions of the national privacy protection regulations or exceed the service provider and / Or the scope of the reservation by the user.

5.3 The service provider has legal rights to the goods sold or provided on HI-LINK Cloud. Without the permission of the service provider or legally authorized person, no one shall copy, imitate, sell, resell, or otherwise use for any purpose. It is not allowed to be modified, reverse engineered, split, produced derivative works, or distributed.

5.4 The HI-LINK operator owns all rights to the operating data of HI-LINK Cloud. The aforementioned operational data includes user information, user lists, user relationships, user behavior, transaction data, order data, etc. However, if the aforementioned operating data involves sensitive user information, the HI-LINK operator shall comply with the corresponding privacy protection policies. Without the prior written consent of the HI-LINK operator, anyone may save, backup, disclose, use or authorize others to use the foregoing operating data for any purpose without authorization.

5.5 Respect for intellectual property rights is the basic principle followed by HI-LINK Cloud. Both service providers and users should abide by the aforementioned obligations and must not infringe the legal rights of others. In the event of a violation, the infringer shall bear the liability for damages to the infringed legal right holder and the HI-LINK operator.

6. privacy policy

6.1 The HI-LINK operator declares and promises:

6.1.1 We will not sell or lend the personal information of the service provider and/or user to anyone, unless the service provider and/or user's permission is obtained in advance.

6.1.2 No third party is allowed to collect, edit, sell or disseminate the personal information of service providers and/or users by any means.

6.1.3 For the purpose of service providers and/or users, HI-LINK Cloud may provide services to service providers and/or users through the use of personal information, including sending product and service information to service providers and/or users, Or share information with HI-LINK Cloud partners so that they can send information about their products and services to service providers and/or users (the latter requires the prior consent of service providers and/or users), etc.

6.2 The HI-LINK operator will partially or fully disclose the personal information of the service provider and/or user under the following circumstances:

6.2.1 Disclosure to a third party with the consent of the service provider and/or user;

6.2.2 Disclosure to third parties or administrative or judicial institutions in accordance with relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of administrative or judicial institutions;

6.2.3 If the service provider and/or user violates relevant Chinese laws or website policies, they need to disclose to a third party;

6.2.4 In order to provide the application requested by the service provider and/or user, the personal information of the service provider and/or user must be shared with a third party;

6.2.5 Other disclosures deemed appropriate by HI-LINK Cloud in accordance with the law.

6.3 The user understands and agrees that his behavior of submitting orders and purchasing goods to the HI-LINK Cloud service provider will be regarded as the user agreeing to disclose personal information to the service provider in order to accept the service provider’s provision of goods, after-sales service, and customer For services, marketing or other necessary matters, service providers have the right to contact users for the purpose of fulfilling the above matters.

7. Limitation of Liability

7.1 For computer viruses, normal equipment maintenance of information networks, information network connection failures, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, uprisings, riots, insufficient productivity or production materials, fires, floods , Storms, explosions, wars, government actions, orders of judicial administrative organs or inactions of third parties caused by inability to service or delayed service, HI-LINK Cloud does not bear the responsibility beyond the express provisions of the law.

7.2 Except for HI-LINK Cloud self-operated/agent-sale products, the HI-LINK operator does not participate in the transaction or service process between the service provider and the user, and does not regard the legality, validity, and authenticity of the service provider and user’s behavior. It provides any express or implied guarantees for the sex, legality and validity, and assumes no responsibility for the consequences arising therefrom, including:

7.2.1 The HI-LINK operator will not be responsible for any accurate or incorrect content posted by the service provider and/or user;

7.2.2 The HI-LINK operator will not make any express or implied guarantee for the intellectual property rights of the goods provided by the service provider, as well as the accuracy, safety and completeness of the goods, and will not assume that the user will not be Liability for any kind of loss or injury caused by yourself and others.

7.3 Except as clearly provided by law, HI-LINK operators will not cause any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special or criminal damages, including those suffered by service providers and/or users from using HI-LINK Cloud services. Loss of profits, bear responsibility (even if the possibility of such losses has been notified).

8. Application of laws and rules and jurisdiction of disputes

8.1 The laws of the People's Republic of China shall apply to the conclusion, execution and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes.

8.2 This agreement is the basic norm for adjusting the rights and obligations between the parties to HI-LINK Cloud. When service providers and/or users use specific services for various purposes under HI-LINK Cloud, they must also follow the special terms applicable to such services. HI-LINK operators will separately confirm or sign these special terms in writing with related service providers and/or users. If this agreement is inconsistent or conflicts with the special terms, the special terms have priority.

8.3 During the execution of this agreement, if a dispute occurs between the parties, it shall first be resolved through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party may bring a suit in the people's court where the defendant is located.